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300 Hour Club

“No Deposit, No Return”


Here’s a reminder that no one has yet found a way to get something for nothing.  All worthwhile goals come at a price, and the coins with which we pay are concentration, persistence and desire.


It is often said that teams are made during the “in” season while players are made in the “off” season.  It is with this premise that we have the Lake City Basketball 300 Hour Club.  The goal of the 300 Hour Club is for players to document over 300 hour of basketball related activities during the off-season.  Players will set individual off-season goals, will be given a calendar (handwritten or Google Calendar), and will monitor their basketball related activities on the calendar.  The 300 club hours will start on April 1st.  Players will turn this in by October 31st.  All players who have earned over 300 Hours will receive a t-shirt.  Players who reach the 400 Hour and 500 Hour Club will receive a t-shirt along with other Awards.


Players can earn hours in the following ways:

  • 50 hours for playing in a fall or spring sport

  • 10 hours each for making the A or B honor roll in the spring

  • 1 hour for every hour spent in the weightroom

  • 1 hour for every hour of basketball you practice or play (includes: camps, summer leagues, shooting in driveway, etc.)

  • Up to 20 hours of service work will count toward the 300 hour club.

  • Bonus Hours:

    • 1 Bonus hour for every 250 Free Throws that you shoot.

    • 1 Bonus hour if you complete an entire perimeter or post workout plan